CBB Subdivisions and Plats.


The CBB neighborhoods consist of four adjacent legal subdivisions situated in the City of Houston on the east side of Wirt Road between Interstate Highway 10 (Katy Freeway) and Westview Drive.  (The lots on Bobbitt Lane to the north are not part of these four subdivisions, nor is the property adjacent to the Katy Freeway on the south.)  Those four subdivisions—and the legal boundaries of the lots and streets within them—were created by the recording of subdivision “plats,” or maps (the “Plats”), in the real property records of Harris County, Texas (at the Harris County Clerk’s office).


The four subdivisions, the years of their recording, the streets encompassed by each, and hyperlinks to copies of their respective recorded Plats, are set out below:

Brykerwoods Estates 1949
Brykerwoods Drive, Wedgewood Lane
& Danbury Road (portion)
Bellewood Subdivision 1950
Bellewood Drive, Gray Moss Lane,
Drury Lane & Danbury Road (portion)
Brykerwoods Addition,
Section 2
Edgeway Drive, Bryonwood Drive
& Danbury Road (portion)
Clay Woods, Section 1 1953 Betty Jane Lane & Danbury Road (portion)  link

The “CBB” neighborhoods collectively take their name from the initials of the Clay Woods, Brykerwoods and Bellewood subdivisions (i.e., CBB).


Important Note:  The recorded Plats for each of the subdivisions create certain required building setbacks and utility easements as shown on the Plats.  A person intending to build improvements on a lot in the CBB neighborhoods should be sure to consult the subdivision Plat that is applicable to the subdivision and lot in question before building, in addition to reviewing the applicable recorded Restrictive Covenants for CBB Neighborhoods.  Improvements on lots in the CBB neighborhoods must be constructed both in compliance with the applicable setbacks contained in the Plats and the applicable setbacks contained in the Restrictive Covenants for CBB Neighborhoods, whichever are more restrictive.